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Three things that EVERYONE can do to experience more PEACE in 2018!


by Fred Schippa - Managing Director, RISE Consulting Group, January 1, 2018


Okay, I was planning on writing an article addressing some topic that business owners should consider as they lean forward into the new year. I considered changes in the new tax law, reminders to review insurance policies, tips to improve cash flow or key considerations for your annual business plan review. However, upon further reflection, I changed my mind and instead decided to pen something of far greater value; something EVERYONE can benefit from. Even though those other topics are important from a “tactical” perspective, I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to be a bit more strategic and wholistic in how we use the platform of our Rise and Shine Monthly Newsletter. Hopefully, you will find the information below helpful and worth the time it takes to read it.


Here are three things I have been reflecting on recently and I offer them to you for consideration. I truly believe, if you aspire to ALWAYS do these three things in the new year, you will enjoy deeper peace and experience greater levels of success in your business and personal lives. The first "ALWAYS" is....


ALWAYS be yourself – The best word that comes to mind in describing this attribute is "authentic". Don't try to be someone or something you’re not. No one has all the answers and everyone has their own issues and challenges. When you hide them behind a facade, all you do is exert more energy, create more stress, experience more anxiety and miss out on having an honest and open relationship with others who just might be in a position to help you address your challenges, or who you might be able to help if they felt comfortable sharing with you. In business, we often hear people suggest that we should "fake it until you make it". I don't think this is true at all. We often meet people who are, as they say in Texas, "all hat, no cattle". When I am talking to a client, prospect or business associate and they ask me something I don't know, I refuse to try to bluff an answer or guess, just to maintain the image of being “an expert”. There is nothing wrong with admitting you don't know something, if you commit to finding the answer and follow through. In fact, this will more likely increase their trust and faith in you and your guidance. I know how much I respect this trait in other people when the roles are reversed. The bottom line; when you are always yourself, you can relax around others, and I guarantee that transparency will improve your personal and business relationships.


ALWAYS tell the truth - I know this seems overly simplistic and is very similar to the first point, but I think it is different enough to warrant its own mention. I am not really talking about "flat out lying". I don't think any of our readers do that. I am talking about the more subtle and deceitful "shading" of responses to misrepresent both feelings and "facts". People may do this to better support their position, justify their actions, manipulate the situation or avoid conflict. To me, this is not only wrong but both tiring and tiresome. If you interact with many people, and play “fast and loose” with the truth, it would be extremely exhausting to try to keep your "facts" consistent. Far better to be truthful, and even if it leads to a consequence or conflict, it would be WAY better to deal with it and then move forward. Alternatively, when the truth eventually comes to light (as it ALWAYS does), the consequences may be much more severe and the conflict much greater. Plus, you end up damaging your relationships and reputation, which are two of our most valuable assets. Telling the truth and being a person of integrity will make life far simpler and less stressful AND peace will result.


ALWAYS remember that circumstances, no matter how difficult, are temporary - It is important, in life, to keep things in perspective or we can find ourselves overwhelmed and led astray by our circumstances or our feelings. The challenges we face are often short-term and may not be an ideal measure of the true trajectory of our business and personal lives. Just as we are cautioned not to make major decisions when we are upset or angry, when we find ourselves in difficult trials, as we all will eventually, we need to remind ourselves "this too will pass", and hold our course. We should also remind ourselves that whenever we step out of our comfort zone and attempt to grow and progress, we often meet resistance but it is important we persevere. We can also bring to mind other times in our lives where we pushed through similar trials and not only survived, but ultimately enjoyed some of our greatest successes. It has been said that "a setback is just a set-up for a comeback", which is a profoundly positive perspective (don’t you love alliteration?). Keeping this in mind will allow you to face adversity with a positive attitude and greater confidence.


As we are looking forward to a brand-new year, ripe with potential to continue to grow and improve, implementing these three "ALWAYS’" should simplify your life, improve your business and personal relationships, and allow you to carry a spirit of peace wherever you go. People will naturally be drawn to you and ask you what it is that makes you so calm, in spite of life’s crazy events. You can smile, nod your head knowingly and maybe, just maybe, forward this article to them.


From all of us here at RISE, we wish you a very happy, prosperous and peaceful 2018.